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You can withdraw cash without touching ATM

ATM Didn't Dispense Cash? Account Debited?

Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Soon you will be able to withdraw cash from the machine without touching the ATM. AGS Transact Technology, a provider of automation technology, says it has successfully developed and tested a touchless ATM solution in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic. Presently, in interested banks, they are giving demo of ‘contactless’ solution. Customers are able to complete all the steps required to withdraw cash from an ATM using the mobile app.

QR code has to be scanned

The customer only has to scan the QR code displayed on the ATM screen and follow the instructions of the mobile application of their respective bank. This includes entering the required amount and MPIN to withdraw cash from the ATM machine. According to the company, the QR code feature makes cash withdrawal faster and more secure and negates the possibility of tracing ATM PINs or skimming cards.

Upgrade with minimal investment

The company said, “The new touchless ATM solution is an extension of the flagship QR Cash solution, which ensures the security of users and will facilitate easy withdrawal of cash with increased security.” Upgrade bank existing software with minimal investment You can adopt this solution for your ATM network. AGSTIL has so far established and manages a network of more than 72 thousand ATMs across the country.

How to avoid Covid-19 and ATM fraud

With the help of QR Code feature, it takes much less time to withdraw the cache and it is also safe. This technology not only reduces the risk of corona virus infection, but it also helps to avoid fraud from ATM PIN and card skimming.

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