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Wi-Fi Inspector App will catch Internet data thieves

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If you use WiFi or mobile hotspots and you feel that someone else is breaking into your internet data, then mobile apps can become your watchman. Let’s know about such special apps …

Wi-Fi Inspector App

This app with a rating of 4.3 is available for free. Using this app, users can get information about how many people have connected their device to their Wi-Fi router or hotspot. Also, the name of those devices and their MAC address will also appear in it. The app developer claims that this application is able to tell all information within 30 seconds. This app works on Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system or above. This app has been made available on the Google Play Store under the name Wifi Inspector.

Wifi kill app

The WiFi Kill application not only helps prevent others from connecting to the WiFi hotspot, but it also gives an option to increase its speed if you are using a public WiFi. This app is available on Google Playstore under the name Free Wifi Kill reference. Explain that there are many security loopholes in public WiFi networks. Also, there is a high risk of virus coming from the device. If some people around you use public wifi, then this app prevents them from stealing data. The thing to note is that WiFi Kill only works with rooted smartphones.

Find Network Tools App

After installing the Find – Network Tools app on Google Playstore on your smartphone or tablet, users can know how many devices are connected to your router. In Find, the icon, the ‘Mac’ and the device appear. The history of the device can also be seen in it. You can also find out which device was connected to the Wi-Fi router.

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