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What is web hosting and how does it work?

What is web hosting and how it works?

What is Web Hosting? Web Hosting Explained for Beginners

The server of such a website is never down!

You must have heard many such sentences. If seen, as the Internet has become popular, the word server has also become quite popular.

Let us know in this article what is this ‘web server’ and how does it work?

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In addition, we will also know how many types of web hosting are common?

If understood in general language, the server is a computer which is on 24 hours so that the data stored in that server can be accessed from anywhere. Imagine that you login a website on the Internet and find some information, pictures or videos on it. In such a situation, the request reaches the computer, which is stable as a server, through the Internet from your computer or mobile. On the request of your computer, the server finds the information of that website and gives it to you.

Now, because multiple requests come together on one server, it will definitely hang if it is a normal configuration computer.

That is why there are special hardware designs for web servers, so software for them are also specific. In such a situation, even if the request comes, the chances of server down are reduced. However, the servers are still down. That is why different categories of different web servers are fixed, which the customer buys according to their own.

Shared hosting

First, shared hosting is what a customer purchases. If you have purchased a domain from the Internet, then you point it to shared hosting and whenever someone searches your domain on the Internet, it gets connected to your server. Shared hosting is relatively inexpensive, as different companies (domains) can use the same server at different times.

In fact it depends on the concept that different domains will not use your computer resources at the same time, so many domains share it simultaneously.

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This is why small companies choose shared hosting. However, it can only carry traffic to a certain extent.


Virtual private server, ie BPS, is the next category of shared hosting. It is relatively expensive and the reason is very clear that if you use BPS for your 1 domain, no one else can share it. In such a situation, your domain has the right over the entire resources of the server (computer). Dedicated IP is also used by people. Meaning that your data travels in the traffic route. It is relatively less likely to be down. However, it is not fully dedicated.

Dedicated server

It is completely dedicated to your domain, as its name suggests. Dedicated hosting is used when heavy traffic is coming to your website. Of course, it costs more than both of the above hosting, but if all the resources are fully dedicated, the server does not normally go down.

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On the internet, you will find many companies like BigRock, Godaddy, Blue Host, which sell hosting. If you also want to buy this for your domain, then many companies also offer a comparison of hosting from one hosting to another, which you must understand before buying.

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