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Watch phone photos and videos on your TV

How to cast photos and videos from phone to TV

View Smartphone Photos on Your TV

Be it movies or videos (Photo-Video), all these things look better on the big screen. So just think that if your phone’s photos and videos can also be seen on the TV screen, then how good it is. If you too are looking for a way to watch your smartphone’s photos and videos on TV with the family, then there are several ways for you to tell this.

The first way is to put the media file of the phone into the pen drive and then it can be seen by plugging it into the TV. But there is a little trouble in this method, because the process gets a bit long. But there is another very easy and good way to watch things on the phone on TV.

Many of us would not know that nowadays, the feature named ‘Screen Mirror’ is present in most of the TV. For information, let us know that different OEMs call it by different names, which includes Mira cast and Screen Mirroring. Also, if you are using a TV running on an Android operating system, then the Chrome cast feature is present in it. A similar function is also offered in Amazon Fire TV.

Follow these steps and watch the photo-videos of the phone on TV …

>> First open the Screen Mirroring or Miracast option on TV.

>> Now open the ‘Screen Mirroring’ option on your smartphone.

>> Keep in mind that both the TV and the smartphone are connected to the same Wifi network.

>> Now wait for the name of TV to appear in the list on the phone.

>> Then tap on the name of your TV.

>> Now everything on your phone will start showing on the TV, and then after that, if you play any photo or video of the phone on the phone, then it will be visible on the TV in front of you.

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