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Vodafone launches free service for women

Vodafone, believed to be a telecom firm, has launched a best-of-free service for the protection of women, so that by tracing the location of the woman’s emergency, she will leave an address on her family’s mobile. So that their house will know their present location.

Vodafone happy service:

To avail this service, the Vodafone SIM woman should register on the name of the woman. After that, you can now go to Vodafone Retailers near you and activate this service free of charge, which is free of cost. You will get two services, first of which you will get 15 free minutes and the second will show your current location to your family. Free service | In order to take full advantage of this service, you will need to add the number of incoming family to your number so that your location can be the same.

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