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Vodafone Free Internet Trick Unlimited 2019

100% Working Vodafone Free Internet Trick

Vodafone Free Internet For Life Time Unlimited 2019

Friends will tell you in today’s post about how you can run free internet on Vodafone SIM card. Very easily, you just have to have Vodafone’s 2G 3G 4G SIM within which you can use Vodafone SIM card free internet This trick is the latest trick of Vodafone SIM, and with the help of this trick, you can run free internet in All Over World, then tell me in 1 thing. This is VPN trick and the Hummer VPN which we will use today, to run the free internet, its name is hammer vpn. Now this vpn is very much like this all uses free internet. In most tricks, just tell you about this Hummer vpn. In the trick of which you will not find anything else on the Internet, let’s learn today in this trick New Trick Vodafone Free Unlimited 4G Internet.So Lets Gets Started.

Requirement Things To Get Vodafone free internet trick 2019

Things 1st :- You must have Android mobile that is working as a properly.

Things 2nd :- You must have Voda SIM card which catches Networks well and it will be 2G,3G,4G.

Things 3rd :- You need to download Hummer VPN app in your mobile. Vodafone Free Internet App, with the help of which you will get free internet data :- Click Here To Download

WorldWide Free Internet Trick

Things 4th :- And you have a little bit of Internet connection, we need to download an Hummer app with the help of internet.

Things 5th :- You have 0 Balance. If you have balance in your Vodafone SIM card, it will be cut

Things 6th :- And Some Little Bit Patience.

How To Download Hummer VPN and Use Vodafone FREE Data Trick

Hummer VPN Apk Download Link :- Click Here

Jio New Trick For Unlimited Free internet with Unlimited Validity

Now friends, if you want free internet then you will have to download Hummer VPN app. With the help of this, we will get free internet in the Vodafone SIM card, then you can download this app. Click on the download button above to download the app. And your app will start downloading. If your app is not downloaded yet, then you can also download it by searching on Google.

Step By Step Vodafone Unlimited FREE Internet Trick 2019 Proof Added

Step 1st :- First of all you need to download Hummer App in Mobile.

Step 2nd :- Then you have to install it and open it.

Step 3rd :- Then you can select any free server by clicking on the selected server

unlimited vodafone Gh internet trick for your PC 2019

Step 4th :- Then you write it in the Rport 443.

Step 5th :- Then You Write it in Lport 0.

Step 6th :- Select Protocol TCP.

unlimited free internet use in mobile tricks

Step 7th :- Then you have to go to advanced settings.

Step 8th :- Then Click Right On Use Proxy For TCP Connection and Fill In Header.

Vodafone Free Internet For Life Time Unlimited No Root

Step 9th :- After This all Settings Click On Save Button.

Step 10th :- Then You Have To Click On Connect Button. After The Connecting Enjoy Free Internet.

Proof Of Vodafone free Unlimited internet trick 2019

Airtel New Trick For 90 Gb Free internet with Unlimited Validity

Friends You will also see the proof of this tricks. Many people think that the tricks will be Fake, so do not think that even today, many people post the website ‘Fake Tricks’, they will give you proof too, so that you believe in me The trick is real, the above image is a proof of this trick, so you can see it from the bottom and in every post, I’m checking that if you can get it from the proof, then now your tricks Moving towards.

If you like this trick, then you can follow our website and share this post to your friend so that they can also enjoy Vodafone 2G/3G/4G Free Internet.Goodbye to you in the next post.

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