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Use Vodafone VPN Trick For Free Internet (Android & PC)

Only For Android Mobile users

  1. Firstly Android users Download OpenVPN from the Google Play store.
  2. Now  Download Configuration files from here 
  3. After that Install & OpenVPN on your Mobile Phone
  4. Now extract all downloaded config files open it from OpenVPN app.
  5. Now  Connect it and Enjoy free Vodafone 3g internet at high speed.

Only For Pc Users:

  1. Firstly Download NMD VPN (
  2. Now Download Config files from here
  3. Then Install NMD VPN on your PC/Computer.
  4. After that,  you have to Move  config files download from here to config folder of NMD VPN installed directory ( C:/progrmmae files/nmd vpn/config/your downloaded files)

  5. Now Connect your Vodafone sim to PC with any method or device (like a net setter, Dongle, Android Phone)
  6. After successfully Connect then that Open NMD VPN  ( for Windows 7 and 8 users, open nmd vpn by the run as administrator)
  7. Now connect with any vpn downloaded from here. Every step has been completed, You can enjoy Now free Vodafone 3g Internet on your PC or Computer with maximum high speed.


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