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Unsanctioned set-top box in the market, 134 channels free throughout life

134 channels free throughout life

It has been criticized since the introduction of new tariffs by TRAI across the country. Due to which All India Digital Cable Federation has started providing more standard channels at a lower price. However, many customers are still suffering from this. In such a situation, today you have brought information about a set top box that works without an umbrella. This set top box has created panic in the market.

Unsanctioned Set-top Box in the Market, 134 Channels Free

134 channels free for life

After the decision of AIDCF, customers will now be given 150 channels to watch for 130 rupees. But the set top box we are talking about. In it, you will be shown 134 channels free for life. Please tell that, all these channels will be free to air. That is, you will be able to entertain yourself through 134 channels. This set top box is also called Internet set top box.

134 Channels Free Throughout Life

Run 1000 channels through internet

This set top box becomes high-tech by connecting to the Internet. After which you will be able to see more than 1000 channels in it. It has a LAN cable facility to connect to the Internet. Apart from this, it can also be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi.

STC H-500 Free to Air HD Set Top Box without WiFi - Amazon.in

This is the price

This set top box is creating panic in the market with lots of features. Apart from this, it has also been made available on the online e-commerce site. If you want to buy this set top box, then you can buy it from the market and online e-commerce site for a price of Rs 1,500.

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