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Truecaller updates, many user friendly features

Truecaller Brings Smarter Features To Its Phonebook App

What’s new in Truecaller for Android

An update has come to the caller ID on smartphones and in the Truecaller used as a messaging app. Many types of user friendly features have been added to it. Truecaller is a very popular app, mainly known for caller ID service. However, messaging and further payment facilities are also available on this app. This app has now been redesigned and Smart SMS feature has been added to it. With the addition of this feature, messages and chats of all categories will appear in four different tabs. In addition, the updated Truecaller has a Home tab feature, in which call history, SMS messages and instant messages will be available at one place.

Full-screen Caller ID Interface

The full-screen Caller ID interface will be available as an opt-in feature in addition to the pop-up caller ID function currently available in the updated version of Truecaller. With the update, the company has started rolling out this new feature for Android users in India. The company is soon going to introduce these features for iOS users across the world soon.

Will be new interface

The most prominent change in the updated version of Truecaller is the new interface. Through this feature, the messages in the phone will be automatically divided into four groups. These groups will be personal, important, others and spam. The important will have financial and payment related messages.

Users will get many features in the new tab

It has been said by Truecaller that users will get many features in this new tab. This will be helpful in tracking the bill, payment and budget related work of the users. It will also list the payment message of the services. Apart from this, it is also being planned to include travel reminders such as flight delays, bus seat allocation, live tracking, tax updates and medical appointments.

Will add Home tab

In the updated version, the Home tab has also been added to Truecaller. In this, all the calls and messages will appear in a list. Earlier interfaces had separate tabs for calls, messages, UPI and premium. Now contacts other than Home tab. Premium and payment tabs will be available. Truecaller has added a full screen caller ID interface to it. When someone calls from it, it will be visible on the full screen. Truecaller has more than 150 million users in India. It has 60 per cent premium subscribers here.

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