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Train General Ticket Book From Mobile App

Indian Railways Unreserved Ticket Booking

Book Train General Tickets In Mobile

There is no need to take a line on the window to take the general ticket ticket. You can also book the ticket from your mobile. Railway has prepared to run awareness campaign for mobile UTS App.

The railway station is preparing to be faxed in many places, so that people can be motivated towards the app. The way the general bogey of the train does not have the place to place foot. In the same way, getting a ticket requires a long line on the window. The officers started to insist on booking online general tickets to make the railways paperless.

According to CMI MK Singh, faxes will be used to make people aware about mobile apps. There will be complete information about booking tickets through the app in it. They told that they can book tickets and keep them safe in their mobile. Can show up when needed.

The special features of the mobile UTS app – the general ticket is made within a 5 km radius of the railway station.

Platform ticket can be made within 2 km radius of the station.

The railway station is valid for two hours at the railway station.

No tickets booked from the app in the radius of 15 meters from the station premises or rail line.

This ticket will automatically expire after the journey is completed.

Book tickets from mobile UTS app will not be refunded.

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