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This New Feature of Google Will Now Automatically Reject Spam Calls

Google's Phone app can now prevent some spam calls from

Today every other person in the country is troubled by spam calls. In a recent report by TrueColor, it has been claimed that every Indian receives at least 25 spam calls a month on their mobiles. The number of spam calls is increasing at a rate of 15 percent.

In such a situation, now Google has released automatic call screen feature for its Pixel 4 smartphone users.

Use caller ID & spam protection - Phone app Help

Through which you will now be able to get rid of spam calls.

Google’s automatic call screen feature will also be released for older Pixel phones. The advantage of automatic call screen will be that users will get rid of spam and robo calls.

Google will automatically reject the call

If a spam call comes on the phone which will have automatic call screen feature.

So Google will reject the call itself. Google will use its data base to cut calls, which will already have a list of spam numbers.

How to get the most out of Google Pixel's call screening feature

Google shared information

Google has given information about automatic call screen feature on its support page.

Google’s automatic call screen feature is currently available in English.

It is currently for the US only. Google has not given any information on when the automatic call screen feature will come in Pixel phones in other countries.

According to the information given on Google’s support page, the automatic call screen feature will not use mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Its settings users can turn on the Spam and Call Screen by going to the settings of the phone app.

What are spam calls

Many companies harass people throughout the day by calling to sell their service.

Such calls are called spam calls. The largest spammers in India are service providers.

Through all the offers and reminders that bother the user.

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