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This mini pen phone is very amazing

This mini pen phone is very amazing

Hello friends, in which post I told you about a very amazing mini pen phone, so if you want more information about this pen phone. So stay with me on this post and if you like the post, do like and share, then let’s start.

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Friends, there are many mobile phones and cameras available in the market, you can make your life even better and easier by using it.

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So today we are talking about a pen phone which has just been launched a few days ago. And this pen is very good, from this day you can use the phone with writing. And you can also use it like an intelligence camera.

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On this phone, you get the facility of installing a double SIM and in it you get 128, mb of RAM, which you can increase even further by putting an SD card up to 32, GB. It has a 1 megapixel camera. It has a battery capacity of 300mh and you can also connect your mobile to Spain phone. You also get features like Bluetooth WiFi MP3 FM radio. Its price is 2793, Rs. So if you like this pen phone then you can buy it. And if you liked this post then like it and share it, thank you for staying connected with us.

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