How are YouTubers different from TikTokers

YouTuber Vs TikTokers Drama

YOUTUBER vs TIKTOKER FULL DRAMA   Now know why these trends started Actually, there has been a tussle between the stars of YouTube and TiKTok for the past several days. Both sides make fun of each other. YouTube people make fun of Tiktok people. So Tiktok used to pull the legs of YouTube

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YouTube to launch TikTok-like feature 'Shorts' later this year

YouTube to launch new feature to compete with Tiktok

YouTube introduces 'Shorts' feature to compete with TikTok Google's popular video streaming service YouTube is working on shorts these days. And as soon as these features are launched, it will be ready to compete with Tiktok. According to reports, through this feature, users will be able to make short videos similar

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TikTok Owner ByteDance Launches Its First Smartphone

Tiktok company has launched its new smartphone, Good Price Range

Tiktok company has launched its new smartphone ByteDance, owner of TikTok, started working on his smartphone earlier this year. After the efforts of ByteDance, the company has now launched a smartphone in the form of Smartisan Jiangsu Pro 3 aka Nut Pro 3 (translated). It is a flagship phone powered by

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Use Tiktok App Even After Banned

How To Use And Download Tiktok App Even After Banned

TIK-TOK IS GETTING BANNED Friends are going to tell you a news in today that will be very surprising for you. If you use Tiktok App In India, then the Tiktok App is now Banned in India. Officially, the court has said that now the user of India You can not

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