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Why is My Phone So Slow

5 Ways to Speed up your Android Smartphone

Speed up a slow Android device Hello friends, welcome to your Mjtricks blog with fresh article, in this post today, we will know how to increase android mobile speed or Android mobile speed which will make android mobile speed double fast, Android Mobile Hang Being and intermittently hot is a common

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Samsung Galaxy Phones: Stuck in "Downloading...Do Not Turn Off

Know 5 reasons why Samsung smartphone hangs

Samsung Mobile Hang - Stuck Problem Samsung is one of the best mobile phone makers and it has been a long time since Samsung started producing Android OS smartphones. So far, we hear from people that most of Samsung's smartphones are hangs, which result in a measurable display, even if the

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Xiaomi Vending Machines in India

Xiaomi’s smartphone will be able to buy from vending machine, know its benefits

Xiaomi introduces vending machines for its smartphones In the Indian market, the smartphone of Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi has tremendously created and this is the first time the company launches all new phones in India. Looking at the increasing demand of customers in the Indian market, mi has installed the Mi Express

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Tips for Buying a Used Smartphone

Old Smartphones Sold Here At Half Price

Sell Old Mobile & Smartphones for Instant Cash If you want to sell your old phone, you can sell it today, we will tell you such a thing that you can sell phones cheaply. Many smartphones have appeared in the beginning of this year, if you also want to sell your

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