Every cool new Google Maps feature

New features came in Google Maps, will get this information

New features came in Google Maps Veteran search company Google has released new features for Google Maps keeping in mind the increasing impact of Corona infection. For your information, let us know that through these features, during the journey, users will be able to find out which place is banned due

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Google Podcasts launches for Android with personalized

Google launches special app for Android users, will help those who do not listen

Google Assistant Turning on by itself  Google has launched a special kind of app for Android users. This application will especially help users who are not able to hear. San Francisco (IANS) Google has launched Android features and apps useful for people with hearing impairment, deafness, and cognitive impairment. For those with

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Use Google tips and tricks and be smart

Using these tips on Google can become even smarter In today's time, searching on Google is not a difficult task. But still many times it happens that your time in searching for something is completely wasted. In such a situation, there are many ways to search on Google, but it depends

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Google Podcasts Manager: a first look

Google Podcasts Manager launched, know what is special

Google Launches Podcasts Manager Often people are walking, driving or listening to podcasts in many places. Keeping in mind its audience, Google has redesigned the 'Google Podcasts Manager' which will provide better features than before. Also will help podcasters and audio publishers to understand their audience. It has been introduced specifically

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Share photos and videos - Android

Now Google Duo video app can click photos, learn how?

How to take a photo of Google Duo call  Apart from Whatsapp, Google's video calling app Google Duo is also very popular among users. The company had already announced that this app is going to get a new update soon and many special features will also be added with the update.

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Google Meet video conferencing is now free for anybody

Everyone can now use Google Meet for free, zoom will get a tough competition

Google Meet, Google's Zoom competitor, is now free To give a tough competition to the video conferencing app Zoom, Google has made its Meet service free for all. That is, now anyone can easily make a video conference through this service. G Suite President Javier Solaro has said that during the

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Google Doodle: Popular interactive games are coming back

Google Doodle Brings Coding Game

Google Doodle brings back coding game Amidst the worldwide corona epidemic where many countries are going through lockdown. At the same time, Google has once again brought its old Doodle series. During the lockdown, people do not get bored at home, so Google has brought the game in its doodle. There

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Know what Google Fuchsia is and what’s its features?

What Google Fuchsia ? Today we will know what is Google Fuchsia OS and what are its features? Yes Friends Google Fuchsia is an operating system. What is the whole news, let's know. Google Fuchsia (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Fuchsia is an operating system that is being developed by Google. Fuchsia is based on

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19 Google Tricks You MUST Try!

Funny tricks and secrets of Google you may not know

Hidden Google Secrets You Didn't Know Existed When we have to search something then we search directly on Google. But do you know there are some Google tricks and secrets in Google that can extract a lot after typing. The Google we search with has some games that we can easily

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