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Super Sim : Phone storage will increase as soon as you install Super SIM

Super Sim Challenge

Your memory card will be in sim

A SIM card is required to make the call from every mobile phone. How should the storage space of the smartphone increase as soon as the SIM card is installed, even though the trend of eSIM has also started, but in most smartphones, the removable SIM card is the only user. Apply. You know that only with the help of a SIM card can be connected to the service provider and the services available from it can be used. Future is also pointing to advance the SIM card and soon your SIM can be converted to SuperSIM.

What Is a Super SIM Card

All smartphones in the market have built-in storage in which the phone’s operating system is pre-installed and downloaded apps store photos videos and other files. Some smartphones offer the option to install microSD cards so that their storage space can be increased, now the market In many devices coming in, this option is not available if the storage of your such device becomes full. So you have to delete the old files or backup them and save them in the computer

What is super sim

Hybrid SIM card slot is also being offered in many smartphones, in which one SIM card and MicroSD card can be installed, but in case of using two SIMs, you cannot install a microSD card, in such a case, Super SIM can be a great option for you. In Super SIM, a SIM card and microSD card are combined into a single card. The first super SIM was launched in China last year. A. Storage Option meet from 32 GB to 128 GB

In the Traditional SIM, only 128KB of storage is available, in such a new Super SIM gives the option to store manifold data to the users, in addition to this, one-click backup and restore option is also provided in the Super SIM, which allows you to easily insert a SIM into the new smartphone. Super SIM card’s read and write speeds are up to 90Mbps and 60Mbps and can come with CC EAL + security certification or Mr. that your data remains completely safe

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