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Search Engine Google Launches Google 3D feature

Augmented Reality in Google Search

Children will see tiger and elephant inside the house Through Google 3D

Do not worry if your children are bored sitting at home during lock down or do not like to see pictures of animals in books. The search engine Google has launched a special feature Google 3D. With the help of which children will be able to see animals like lions, elephants, penguins, at their home. They will not have to go to Zoo or Park for this. It is necessary to have a Google Chrome browser in your mobile.

How to use

Click on View in 3D option.
After this, you will see a tiger’s shadow on the phone screen.
Then follow the instructions and keep moving your phone from one end of the room to the other.
You can also zoom in and out of Tiger as per your convenience.
Tiger will disappear after half a minute.
See these animals

Lion, bear, shark, penguin, horse, pony, octopus, cheetah, lion, tiger, cheetah, shark, barbed wild rat, duck, wolf, fish, goat, snake, eagle, brown bear, crocodile, horse, parrot, monkey , Turtle, Cat, Octopus, Dog, Golden Retriever etc.

Will support on these mobiles

Google 3D Animal will not run on all devices. This feature will only run on Android 7.0 or above smart phones. Apple devices will support IOS 11.0 or above.

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