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QR Code Scanner with WhatsApp

WhatsApp to add QR Code feature soon

Whatsapp QR Code Scanner

Facebook’s proprietary instant messaging app WhatsApp is bringing new features to its customers. In this episode, WhatsApp is now preparing to bring many new features for its users. The most special among them is whatsapp QR code. WhatsApp has currently released its feature for iOS users and currently it will be available to Android Beta users. This feature is very useful and will be very useful in connecting friends. Yes, WhatsApp users will be able to easily connect new people to the messaging app through WhatsApp QR Code Scanner.

Its testing has also started on the beta version of WhatsApp. Not only this, the company is also working on the feature that shares WhatsApp status updates directly on Facebook and Instagram. These new updates will be available to WhatsApp users soon.

Will work like this

Through the WhatsApp QR Code feature, consumers can save any number without typing it. You can also share the number with this. In this feature, consumers will only have to scan the code and after that the number will be saved automatically. This feature of WhatsApp will appear in Settings. Currently this feature is available on Android version 2.20.171 of WhatsApp son for testing. It has not yet been made public. According to the information, it will be made public after the trial is successful.

Ranking contact

WhatsApp will also have ranking contact feature added. In this, by marking the person you talk to more, you can keep them in the top list. Along with this, WhatsApp is going to bring a feature under which users will be able to share WhatsApp status updates on Facebook and Instagram as well. This feature is also available for testing on the beta version of WhatsApp.

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