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Psiphon VPN Pro Unlimited Free Internet Trick For MTN Uganda 2020

How To Configure Psiphon VPN For Free Unlimited Internet

Unlimited Free Internet Trick

If you have no idea how you can activate a 30 days trial “Tidal Music” subscription, then follow the guidelines below. It’s simple and clear.

Step 1.You have to dial “*165*66#” on your default phone dialer to launch the Tidal Music menu and then select “Get Free Trial”. Once you select by inputting a digit, you’ll get another prompt of Tidal Music menu. Let’s go ahead to step 2.mtn uganda tidal promo ehi file,mtn uganda free internet 2019

Step 2. Then select “Comment Send Free Trial Code”. Once you send your selection, you’ll receive an instant notification showing your subscription is confirmed. Also, when you want to check your Tidal subscription status, use this code “*131*”.free internet vpn in uganda,mtn free internet

We’re done with subscription, let’s go over and check Psiphon pro configurations…

Step 1. First of all, download latest version of Psiphon pro from Play Store and install on your android device.mtn uganda free internet proxies 2018,airtel uganda free internet tricks

Step 2. Once installed, open Psiphon pro and go to “options tab”. In case it requests you to tunnel the whole device, you check the tick box assigned to “Tunnel Whole Device ( Requires Android 4.0 +). Also, always check the tick box assigned to “Disable timeouts for slow networks”.

Step 3. After that, leave everything the way they are and press the “start” button. The moment you press start to establish a connection, you’ll notice a change in color (from red to blue) on the logo “P” of the Psiphon pro interface.psiphon free internet uganda,how to hack mtn sim card for free internet

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