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Online Earning Tips: Earn online money sitting at home through these websites during lockdown

Earn Money Online

Online Earning Tips

Online Earning Tips, online earning money website Internet has become a big and important part of our life. However, its benefits will be only when education or ways of earning money can also be extracted from it. You must have seen that due to corona and lockdown many businesses had to come online, those who were already online remained in the market. While many businesses also closed during this period. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some online websites by which you can also sit online at home.

Upwork: is a web-based platform of two friends. In which you can get information about different types of jobs and businesses. From here you too can do online job sitting at home.

Virtual Call Center (LiveOps): Through this website you can work from home. Here you have to work as a call center agent. From here you have to call the consumers directly and sell the product. During this time, you can earn up to $ 15 in an hour.

Swagbucks.com (swagbucks): You can register for free on the website of Swagbucks and start earning. Actually it is a kind of gift site where you will get less money, but you will get points and money for spending time.

Infolinks: Through this website you can earn money by blogging. It pays for writing jobs. Your writing ability for this should be tremendous if your ability in writing. In this, you will be given the task of writing a review of software and other things. You can earn online by writing it. Among these, Vindale Research and ExpoTv also give you good money.

Kindle Direct Publishing: This website is about writing with writing. This website, named KDP dot amazon.com, gives an opportunity to earn royalty for it by writing an online book. Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can write a book online and publish it at Kindle Bookstore. For this, Amazon keeps only 30 percent as commission, and gives the remaining 70 percent as royalty to the writer.

Apart from all these, other websites including YouTube, Google, The Smart Work, Working Solution, Click Worker, Shutter Stock, I-Stock, Getty Image, Tutor, Course Hero are available.

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