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Now, in just 5 minutes, find your stolen mobile with this easy trick!

How To Find Thefts Mobile: Many mobile phones are lost or lost, but people are unable to find their mobile in the absence of information. If we talk about finding mobile, then the name comes in the IMEI number Yes, you can search your mobile with just one number.

Let me tell you what is the IMEI number, not just in the mobile, but in every device that is used in the network. The IMEI number of 15 digits varies in all the devices and it gives you an IMEI number in the box of your device, on the bill, in the place of battery in the mobile and if you dial * 06 #.

If your mobile is lost or stolen, then how do you find out for stolen mobile?
How To Find Mobile Thievery From Mobile:

If you do not have a computer then you can search your mobile from a friend’s mobile too. For this, you have to install the Android Device Manager app in your friend’s mobile.

In this app you have to log in with your Gmail ID:

With the help of this app, you can know the location of your mobile but for this, your mobile phone should be on and the internet or GPS should be on. In this you get the options of ring, lock and eras, from which you can control your mobile.

How to find the stolen mobile from the computer

If you have a computer or pc then you can also search your mobile with the help of a computer, for that you have to go to Google’s Android Device Manager. After this, log in with your Gmail ID. Once logged in, you will see your mobile location in Google map, but for this, your mobile should remain on. So here too you get three options to control your mobile.

If you think your mobile has been stolen, then you do not have to use the ring anymore because the front can know that you are tracking your mobile if you have lost your mobile home only Use the ring to find your mobile.

LOCK: If you do not expect to get mobile then you can lock your mobile by using LOCK. Here you can also set up a message in which you can write that this mobile is lost if anyone gets this number Contact on Here you can also write about the reward, so if anyone gets the mobile, then he can contact you in the greed of reward.


Erase: You have a lot of personal information in your mobile. If you want your mobile provider to not receive your personal information, then you can use it to delete all the data on your mobile.

If there is no mobile IMEI number then how to know:

If your mobile is expensive and can not be found in these ways then you can file a FIR in the police station but for this you should have mobile IMEI number as the police keep your IMEI number in the surveillance and whenever your mobile If there is any activity, then the police know it.

If you do not have an IMEI number then you can get help from Google, for that you have to go to the account dashboard. You can also go by this link. From here you can easily find the IMEI number of your mobile.

In your mind it would be necessary to tell Google about our mobile how to tell you that Google monitors all your activities, regardless of your mobile, Google knows everything. But for this you need to have a Gmail ID in your mobile.

Now you have come to know how to find the stolen mobile, if you want to use Playstore, then you have to make a Gmail ID. And with this Gmail ID Google keeps track of you.



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