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Now Google will tell the place of corona virus

Coronavirus Information & Insights

Google New Feature for Covid-19

Now Google will reveal the address of Baba Corona. The government is going to make such a system that the area of ​​Corona infected will be visible on the Google map. For this, information of the infected has been sought by the Health Department from the civil surgeons of all the districts of the state. It is being told that their mobile number is being searched along with the past and present information of the infected. The latitude and longitude of people infected in Patna are being investigated after a letter from the Principal Secretary of the Health Department. The civil surgeon has engaged an agency working in the field which is collecting complete information.

Data at the Health Emergency Operating Center

In a letter sent to the Civil Surgeon, the Principal Secretary of Health Department has said that the positive patients of Covid-19 of the districts are to be uploaded on the portal of the Departmental HEOC, Health Emergency Operations Center. Officials say that after uploading the details of the infected patients on the portal, the Containment Zone and Buffer Zone are being identified around the patients’ residence.

Latitude and longitude will make it easier

Work will be easier once latitude and longitude are recorded. The latitude and longitude of a place makes GPS work easy. After feeding the complete information related to patients with the Global Positioning System, complete information will be easily found on Google’s map. After feeding the complete information of the patients, the facility and information will also be increased on the Arogya Setu app. According to sources related to the health department, along with complete information about latitude and longitude, the mobile number of the concerned is also being taken. The Health Department will benefit greatly from this. The work of making the quarantine center will be easy for the survey, as well as the general public will get information about the restricted area from Google Map. Not only this, then the location and distance of the infected people from the map will also be easily known.

The Principal Secretary of the Health Department has instructed to take full address of the infected patients of Kovid-19 along with past and present latitude and longitude on the software. For this, Google seat has been sent to Health Department in the past. The entire team of Health Department will work on Google seat and upload the complete information of the infected people to the seat.

Principal Secretary of Health Department says that the department does not have full address of the infected. For this reason, the full result of preparations being done at the technical level is not coming out. Neither the full address of the patients is being provided nor the live quarantine. Due to this reason, the work of bringing patients to Google on technical level is also not being done. It is being told that the Principal Secretary is serious about this campaign. The Health Department has been ordered twice in this regard.

The instruction of the administration secretary has come in which the complete address and latitude longitude of the infected have to be given. With the receipt of the letter, the team has been engaged to work on it.

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