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New Free Internet Tricks For Airtel Users | Airtel Free Internet Apn Settings |

New Free Internet Tricks For Airtel Users

Airtel Sim Free Internet APN Settings 

Hello friends, how do you expect to be all right in today’s post, will tell you how to do free internet APN settings in the Airtel SIM and with the help of this tricks you can run free internet in any of your mobile With ease and with this Airtel APN new settings you will also fasten your Airtel’s sim’s downloading and browsing speed. you will follow you a few steps and you Run Internet will be able to access your device so let’s have you in this post come so you can run free Internet and new apn setting how Airtel Let’s Start Is this post.

Requirement Things To New APN Settings In Airtel Sim

Things 1st :- First of all, if you want to make new APN settings, then your mobile device should have the option of the new APN settings, then you will be able to set up Airtel apn in your mobile.

Things 2nd :- You must also have an Airtel 2G/3G/4G SIM.

Things 3rd :- And if you already want to know whether the free APN internet settings will work in your mobile device, then go to the browser of your mobile device and then go to the search box and search it one.airtel.com If this website opens in your mobile Free internet apn settings in your mobile will work in your mobile.

Things 4th :- Some Little Patience 🙂

How To Set New Airtel APN Settings On Mobile TO Use Free Internet

Step 1st :– First of all you need to go to settings of your android mobile.

Step 2nd :- Then click on More Settings and click on Mobile Network Settings.

Step 3rd :- Then as soon as you click on More Settings, you will have a lot of options, then you have to click on the access point Settings.

Step 4th :- Then after clicking on Access Point settings you will have 1 (+)  plus mark, you can click on it to create new apn settings in your mobile.

Step 5th :- Then you have to make the settings of apn like below, like that

Name: www.mjtricks.com

APN: Airtelgprs.com

APN Type: Default

Proxy: one.Airtel.in

Port: 80

Now, Leave All The Fields Blank

Step 6th :- Then when you have completed the All Airtel APN settings, you have to save those settings, then you can activate this setting by right-clicking on it in the right-hand side.

Step 7th :- Then you do nothing, just switch off your mobile and re-open it.

Step 8th :- Then when you open the mobile switch, you can open your mobile’s default browser.

Step 9th :- Then you go to the browser search box and write it in the box and search the one.Airtel.in and let the page open.

Step 10 :- Then when Airtel’s home page will be opened in your mobile browser, you can run the free internet. In your Airtel SIM, you will now see a search box on Airtel’s home page. You can go to that on and search Google.com and get free internet inside it. And can be easily Free browsed.

If you like this trick, then you can follow our website and share this post to your friend so that they can also enjoy Airtel APN free internet Settings. Goodbye to you in the next post.

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