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New feature in Google Maps, share location with Plus Codes

Find and share places using plus codes

share location on Google Maps using Plus codes

A new feature has been included in Google Maps, in which users will be able to share their location with the help of code. The plus code is the digital address, which identifies the address with the help of latitude and longitude. Let’s say that this plus code option has been available on Google Maps since the year 2015. However these share codes are now made easier

With the help of codes, users will be able to easily share their address or any location with others. In this, a six digit code will be prepared according to the location point (latitude and longitude) of the users, which can be shared. In such a situation, people will be able to reach those places easily, for which there are no proper street addresses or flat numbers.

How to Share your location on Google Maps using Plus Codes?

This new feature for Android users will be released in a few weeks. To use it, you must install the latest version of the Maps app. Let it be said that it will appear on the personal ‘Plus Code’ map of the users by tapping on the blue dot shown for their location. This code can be shared with anyone and in addition to Google Maps, your location will be found on the front by entering this code in Google search window.

Codes will also be found offline
According to Google, ‘a plus code is simple alphanumeric code, which can be combined with a location. It is in the form of a short code. If the user wants to find the plus code of another location where it is not present, after dropping a pin on the map, the location code of a location can be found. Google says that plus codes will also be available offline and the system is based on open source technology.

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