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Monitor children with the help of these apps

Must-Have Apps For Parents That Let You Monitor Your Teen's

Phone apps that parents will want to monitor on their kids’ phones

It is becoming difficult to keep children away from the smartphone in the days of hightech. Nowadays kids learn to speak and smartphones are first to run. Many researches have found that digital understanding of children of today is faster and faster than ever before. What children do for smartphones, tablets or laptops for so long, this is a matter of concern for every parent. The trouble increases even when they do not want to control the child even when they want to. If you are also struggling with this problem, then with the help of some apps you can control the screen time of children. What are these apps, let’s know:

Parental control board

A number of apps in this category are available at the Play Store. From this app you can know who your child is calling from a smartphone or an iPad? How long is talking to or what message is sending? Also, when it is online on various social sites? Not only this, you can block the number of people from whom you want to keep your child away and phone numbers and email addresses through this app. The child will not be allowed to make the most calls, send messages, and join the social media account.

Family Link

Whether your child is young or teenager, this app lets you decide some basic digital rules for them. Includes weekly and monthly reports. Through this app you can decide how many hours a child can use the internet in a week or a month. The Internet will be blocked as soon as the deadline is reached. Also, depending on the location of the smartphone with the help of this app, you will also know where the child was at that time.

Kids Zone

With this app you can set a time limit for using a child’s smartphone. Not only this, there are some special features of a smartphone being rebuilt or blocking text messages with phone calls. If the child uses more than the internet, then he can be blocked from this app too.

U-Tube Kids

If a child searches sex or porn content then this app will not let him search anything and will ask the child to search for something else. You can easily set the time for using the child’s internet through this app.

Questodio parental control

It has free web filtering and a time limit for internet use. Along with this, you can block pornography, gambling, inappropriate sites, calls, text messages and any special phone number in the child’s smartphone via this app. Not only this, you can keep an eye on your child’s entire activity from anywhere on its web portal. This app will also inform you if the child is viewing any such material that is not in accordance with its age.

Safe browsing parental control

Only parental controls are not enough in this digital era. If your smartphone does not have a Safe Browsing feature, then you should definitely use this app. With the help of this app, the child will be able to see only the content on the Internet, which is suitable for his age. Apart from this, there are some apps on the Play Store, from which you can enforce the rules on the child’s Internet usage.

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