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Look at any bank’s passbook details on mobile, the easiest way

bank’s passbook details on mobile

If you have an account in any bank and you want to see the pass book details of transactions made in that account at home, then I have come up with a great way for you. Today I will tell you how to see any bank passbook details on your mobile. So let’s know.

Let me tell you that almost all the banks of the country have launched the application of their mPassbook. Passbook details are seen on mobile through this mPassbook. In this mPassbook you are shown all the transaction details. Follow the steps below to see all the transactions in your account in mPassbook.

Follow these steps: 

Step 1. First of all you download your bank’s mPassbook application from the Play Store.

After downloading

Step 2, open it. As soon as you open, you will be asked for your bank account number or customer identification number. With this, Bank Register Mobile Number will also be requested. An OTP message is sent on mobile to verify the account. If you do not have a mobile number register then you will not be able to take advantage of mPassbook.

Step 3. After filling all the details, do so. After OK, the verification will be on mobile for OTP. Add OTP and log in to the account.

Step 4. Just now you can check the mPassbook of your account.



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