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Launched Portable Caravan Go, with pre-loaded 3000 Hindi songs

Saregama Carvaan Portable Digital Music Player

Saregama Caravan Go Preloaded With 3,000 Retro Hindi Songs

Enjoy music on Carvaan GO, a personal audio player that comes pre loaded with 3000 retro Hindi songs. Now you can enjoy the songs of your favorite artists like Kishore Kumar, Mohammed, Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and many other musicians. Carvaan GO has special stations designed for every mood such as happy, romance and sad. Even it is also 50 curated playlists to match your daily routine and activities, such as driving, morning walks, long, flight trips and more.

Saregama Carvaan SC03 Portable Digital Music Player

In addition to 3000 retro Hindi songs, you can also enjoy FM / AM stations at Carvaan GO. Apart from this, you can load your favorite collection from your personal collection on micro SD card and listen to it on Carvaan GO.

Not only this, connect your Carvaan GO to the music system in your car via Bluetooth or Aux cable and enjoy your drive. This device is incredibly light weight. Its weight is just 88 grams.

Saregama Carvaan Hindi SKU-R20008 Portable Digital Music

This handheld device has a long battery life that lasts for 7 hours. so what are you waiting for? Leave your mobile phone at home and walk, drive, fly with – Carvaan GO

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