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Latest Free Idea 3G, 4G Internet Trick

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This is my blog’s first Mobile Trick, which is free Idea 3G, 4G internet trick 2020, it is also my first choice because I use Idea myself. Friends, you must have read and read many blogs till today, but in every blog you are told one Trick at a time, but I will tell you 2-3 tricks in one post. Whatever trick I am going to tell you, it is reducing in almost all the cities of India and people are enjoying the Idea free 3G, 4G internet trick 2020.

Before telling all the tricks, I want to tell you that whatever harm will be caused by using these tricks, you are responsible for that. This trick is only stated for knowledge.

1. IDEA Free GRPS Trick for All Mobile

Make this setting in your mobile and then turn off your mobile and enjoy the free idea internet.

  • APN – mmsc
  • Port – 8080
  • Proxy –
  • Home page –

Save the setting and turn off the mobile and start the Internet. Open the home page given at the top of any of your browsers.

2. Free Idea 3G, 4G Internet Trick for Desktop and Mobile

  • Connect the Internet to your desktop computer or mobile (with a Dongle or Net setter in your PC and your SIM balance is 0)
  • Set APN – Internet
  • Desktop user Install PD Proxy software in your computer Immediately after internet connection, set UDP Port 9201 in PD Proxy and connect PD Proxy.
  • Mobile user Install any VPN Software in your mobile (Droid VPN) Start internet in mobile and connect VPN by setting UDP Port 9210 in your VPN software.

Now you can enjoy free internet from your IDEA sim, whether mobile or PC.

Comment for any kind of help.

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