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Know what Google Fuchsia is and what’s its features?

What Google Fuchsia ?

Today we will know what is Google Fuchsia OS and what are its features? Yes Friends Google Fuchsia is an operating system. What is the whole news, let’s know.

Google Fuchsia on Pixelbook review

Google Fuchsia

Fuchsia is an operating system that is being developed by Google. Fuchsia is based on a micro company called Jircon. It is believed that Fuchsia is being replaced by Android operating system because there are some drawbacks in Android which is not in Fuchsia, Google Fuchsia will be launching with new features.

Google Fuchsia FEATURES

Fuchsia’s user interface and application are written with Flatter, a software development kit that allows cross-platform development capabilities for Fuchsia, Android and iOS. Flutter means that this app will support it, there will not be any problem in the Android app, just like it is going to run exactly like that. Google Fuchsia is a capacity-based operating system for you.

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