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JioFiber Launched | Free Voice, Free Movies, Free TV, Free Internet | Jio SetTopBox Plans

Reliance AGM 2019: Mukesh Ambani Announces Jio Fiber Launch

JioFiber Launched With Some Extra Things

Reliance Jio has just launched new things, so let’s quickly understand if Reliance Jio launches new things which is coming to your house very soon. Reliance Jio has become number one operator and second largest operator in the world. It has been told that the investment cycle of Reliance was invested 35 thousand crores in the bicycle and in Jio’s net, the cycle has now ended, just come as profit. Launch new things with are increasing.

Reliance AGM: Mukesh Ambani unveils Jio Fiber, plans start Rs 700

First of all, launch Nazir Internet-of-things. There are meters in our house, there is a device that can connect to the Internet and bring things to us. How to use the Internet of Things, which are things in our house, freeze washing machine or TV or how can you add electronic meter again and all things in your app You can see and the second thing that has been launched is broadband, now it is not just broadband inside it, there is a lot of things that you can not imagine that the optic fiber cable is going to be installed on the home road in everyone’s home.

JioFiber Launched | Free Voice, Free Movies, Free TV, Free Internet

Unlimited speed of 1gbps will be given, along with a landline phone, with which you will be able to call for free, then no one will be able to call and from whom this thing is available. You can also do video calling here, you can do video calling from your TV from home, you used to do video conferencing at home, you can do video conferencing together live with this from the set top box of Jio fiber. All the features live inside the set top box can also play games with it. How much data can be done and how far can it be taken?

You can use it to go to reality, man, virtual reality was made by mixing these two and mixer reality was made on the eyes and will go to reality So you will know that you can also do shopping in it, you can watch videos, you can watch movies, then how much real things can be made by using data 2019 Comments 3 It will be years, when you see Jio here, then in the plan, if you have an average speed of 90 Mbps, then Jio will give a minimum of 100 Mbps in its best plan, which can convert it so far, you can extend it monthly. If it has a cost, then ₹ 700 minimum set can start only if it

Reliance Jio Fiber to be launched next month and Plans

Things have not been told, what amount of data will be available in 700, all the things will be after the commercial launch, the range of the plan can tell from which can be up to ₹ 10,000, if it is too big or can use more data, see the launch first day first show. It is a picture at your house that the movie that we go to the theater and see, the same will be launched, after 1 year, Diwali will be launched around August, now it will be two piers. Maybe I will make a movie in the first day first show and send it to you, so how much is it simple, what is going to be launched, you will get free voice calling within it, you can make video calls using broadband broadband and what not If you are working on what can be done, then a lot of things are going to be launched very soon and then in this way and see the informative topic Share it so that everyone knows what things are going to happen in the coming days, what are the things people are doing with their minds, what are you doing with shopping e-mails, what can happen next You will be the first to know on our website

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