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Jio Sim And Airtel Sim User Get Free 10GB Data Internet

How to get free 10 GB internet from jio sim

Get Free 10GB Data in Airtel Sim And Jio Sim Easily

At present, there is a tremendous competitive environment in the field of Indian telecom, where other companies are trying to compete with the cheap offer of telecom company Jio. Currently, there is tremendous competition between Airtel and Jio. After providing free internet to customers, Airtel has also joined this episode.

Airtel offers free 10 GB data

airtel 10 GB Free 4G Data

Airtel has also launched a cheap combo recharge by moving on Jio’s path. That’s why customers are now getting the benefits of cheap offers. I recently offered free 10 GB of data to customers to upgrade to a new 4G handset. I have been able to take advantage of Airtel customers through 4G SIM and Phone Upgrades, so customers will have to admit the terms and conditions of Airtel.


Such a 10 GB free data will be available

To avail free 10 GB data, Airtel customers will have to call their phones at 5999555. After this, 10 GB data will be submitted to the customer’s number for 10 days. Please note that these free data can be deposited within 24 hours. To avail this offer, the customer needs to upgrade the 4G SIM and handset. According to the information, the company is providing free data by phone. Is this not confirmed?

Live customers will get 100% cashback

How to get 10GB FREE 3G/4G data in Airtel

At present, Jio has provided more than 10GB data and calling plans to customers. In which Rs. 399 plan is the first choice of all. Apart from this, Jio has provided many attractive cashback offers, in which Rs. A cashback of 399 or 100% will be provided on the recharge of more than what is provided in the form of AJIO vouchers.

Get 10GB Data Free Airtel Users

Cashback in Wallet

Jio’s cashback is not only a shopping venture but also on online recharge wallet, where customers receive Amazon Balance of 300 rupees as a cashback on recharging from Amazon Pay. In addition, recharge with Paytm, PhonePay, Mobikwic¬† and FreeCharge but customers are given a cashback of Rs 20 to Rs 150. I will recharge the cash from customer wallet and get the cashback offer benefit till 28th February.

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