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Jio New Offer : 1 Year All Unlimited, Released From Repeating Recharge

Jio Diwali Offer Rs.1699/- Unlimited for 365 days

All Unlimited for all 365 days

At present, everyone in India knows Jio as the cheapest internet provider. At this time, everyone is considered to be better for himself. This popularity of jio remains intact due to its cheap plan. jio launched many affordable and easy-to-use plans for this. There was a time when people used to recharge from 300 rupees to 400 rupees in their mobile phones but since the arrival of jio, all these plans were over.

Reliance Jio Diwali Offer: Rs 1,699 Prepaid Plan With 1 Year Validity

Cheapest only to go ahead

From the arrival of jio, the working of telecom sector has changed. With the arrival of jio, money savings were proven to all those customers who had to recharge all other needs including the internet. jio is offering not only cheap internet but also services like unlimited free calls, roaming, to its customers. Geo is the only company that provided all the facilities for free for 7 days in the floods of Kerala floods.

From time to time

Jio Diwali Offer - 100% Cashback on All Recharges & ₹1699 Plan

Live is just a telecom company that takes care of its customers. This is the reason why jio keeps giving free information to its customers at all times. In every festival, however, jio releases some cheap offers and plans for its customers, so that the client’s curiosity of these upcoming plans remains intact.

All Unlimited for all 365 days

Jio 1699 Plan confusion clear

Jio is a company that provides long term recharge for its customers. Today, jio is offering its entire 365-day plan to its customers. After taking this plan, customers get rid of recharging repeatedly. In this offer, the company is providing 1.5GB of data per day, while the company is offering 100SMS, including Unlimited Calling. After the data plan is completed, your internet speed will be 64 kbps. The price of this plan is Rs. 1699.

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