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Jio Free Internet And Unlimited Downloading Trick Using UC Browser

JIO Free Internet Trick

Jio New Trick For Unlimited Free internet with Unlimited Validity

Friends, how do you expect people to be all right, so friends, first of all, are very welcome on your website, friends will tell you in today’s post that you can use free internet within the Jio SIM card, together How to do Unlimited Internet And Unlimited Free Downloading, also with the help of the UC browser Handler, you just have to make small settings in your mobile and also in the Uc browser Handler itself Ting is done and you will be able to access the free internet in your mobile. This trick is in the SIM card for those users who did not make any recharge in the SIM card but they are getting 2G internet free, With the help of this trick, the 2G speed of your live SIM card will be converted to 4G, which will allow you to get free internet too fast, if you do not recharge your SIM card, should definitely be used when we have to download the first UC handler browser that link you can download Browsers from there you will get down. So, in today’s tricks you will learn how you Jio free Unlimited internet trick. So lets gets Started.

Step To Jio free Unlimited internet trick

  • So first you have to go to the settings of your mobile

Jio Unlimited Downloading Trick

  • Then Click On Sim Cards & Mobile Networks

Jio Free Internet without recharge 2019

  • Then Click On Jio Sim Card

Jio Free Unlimited Internet Trick

  • Then Click On APN ( Access Point Names )

Jio Free Internet And Unlimited Downloading Trick

  • Then Go To Jio Sim Card Apn Settings.

Jio Free Internet | Jio Free Unlimited | 100% free Working |

  • And Change [ Apn : Jiodata ]

Jio Free Internet And Unlimited Downloading Trick

  • You have to save this setting.

Jio 100% Working Free Internet Trick

  • Then you have to download the Uc Handler browser in your mobile.
  • download link of UC Browser Handler :- Click Here

Jio Free Internet And Unlimited Downloading Trick

  • Now you have to open your Jio mobile data connection.
  • Now you have to install and open the UC Browser browser in your mobile.
  • Now you have to do settings in your UC Handler browser so you can do it in your mobile just like the settings are given below

Proxy Type : Reverse Proxy 

Proxy Server : Jio.com

Jio free Unlimited internet trick

  • You just had to change 2 settings and some settings would not touch you.
  • After This Little Bit Settings Click On Save Button

How To Use Jio Free Internet Trick In Android Mobile

  • And now you will be able to run free internet in your mobile high speed free internet.

If you like this trick, then you can follow our website and share this post to your friend so that they can also enjoy Free internet on Jio Sim Life Time Unlimited. Goodbye to you in the next post.


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  1. During small file downloading data usage from account is not cut when we download many small files data is directly cut off from jio account. Pls verify

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