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Jio Change APN Trick to Increase Speed

  • Turn off your Jio SimMobile Data.
  • Go to Settings then look for Mobile Network and Go in to  Access Point Names.
  • Here you will find Jio APN Settings, Change the APN Protocol from IPv4 to IPv4/IPv6.
  • Save the APN Settings now and Exit the Settings.
  • Turn on your Mobile Data that you normally do there is no need to Restart your Device or Something else.
  • Now Enjoy!! High Speed Download and Upload Speeds as well.

Update: If the Previous Trick is not Working, You can use this APN Settings and Try if this is Working.

Change your APN Settings as Shown below:

  • Name –website
  • APN –jionet
  • APN Type –Default
  • Proxy –No Changes
  • Port –No Changes
  • Username –No Changes
  • Password –No Changes
  • Server –

  • MMSC –No Changes
  • MMS Proxy –No Changes
  • MMS Port –No Changes
  • MCC –405
  • MNC –857 or 863 or 874
  • Authentication Type –No Changes
  • APN Protocol –IPv4/IPv6


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