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Idea Get Unlimited 4G Data

Unlimited Idea 4G Data for 1Hour @ Rs. 1

Idea Unlimited 4G Data For Rs 1 (1 Hour Unlimited 4G)

Friends will tell you in today’s post about how you can run free internet in Idea’s SIM, by paying just 1 rupee and instead you will get unlimited free internet for 1 hour and in that hour you will get free internet But this trick will work only on the Idea SIM card of you alone, and this trick Idea’s company has launched an official launch of the Idea User Today Teach you in this Tricks How to Get Idea Offers 2019: Unlimited 3G/4G Data for ₹1 per 1 Hour Unlimited Data So Lest Get Started.

Requirement Things To Get Idea Unlimited 4G Data Offer 1 Hour at Rs.1

Things 1st :- You must have Android mobile that is working as a properly.

Things 2nd :- You must have Idea SIM card which catches Networks well and it will be 4G.

Things 3rd :- You need to Call 1 Number in your mobile. Idea Free Internet Number, with the help of which you will get free internet data.

Things 4th :- And you have a 1rs in Your Idea Sim Card, we need to Active an Offer with the help of 1rs Balance.

Things 5th :- And Some Little Bit Patience.

Step To Get Idea Unlimited 4G Internet Plan at Rs. 1 for 1 Hour to Unlimited Internet Data

Step 1st :- First of all you have to open your Android mobile’s dial Pad.

Step 2nd :- Then you need to dial Number to the Idea SIM card :- { 411 }

Step 3rd :- Now Follow The Instructions As They Tell.

Step 4th :- Idea Will Deduct  Rs 1 From Your  Main Balance And Also Get A Confirmation SMS From Idea.

Step 5th :- After Receiving Confirmation SMS Enjoy Unlimited 4G For 1 Hour In Your Idea Sim.

If you like this trick, then you can follow our website and share this post to your friend so that they can also enjoy Idea to launch unlimited 1hour 2G/3G/4G in Rs.1 only. Goodbye to you in the next post.

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