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IDEA FREE 1GB 3G Internet Data

Requirement Things

1. Idea Sim
2. Android Mobile
3. Idea Offer Website :- Click here To 1 Gb Data
4. Also You Have Mobile Data or Wifi

Trick Use In This Way

1. Follow our simple steps to grab this trick.
2. Firstly, you have to Enable your mobile internet setting for Idea free 3G Data.
3. Now click here from your Mobile.

4. Then, you have to move to the next page and enter your Mobile IMEI no and then click YES.(Check IMEI *#06#)
5. Now select website or Merchant, Where you have bought your Mobile Phone.
6. Now, you have to Enter your Invoice No. and click Proceed.
7. After some time you will get an SMS.

8. Congro! You will be rewarded with 1Gb Idea Free Internet.
Enjoy your free Internet Offer.

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