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How to increase the speed of Jio

Today we will talk about how you can increase your speed. Jio constantly launches new and cheap offers, due to which more and more users can join with it. But there is a question in the minds of all the users that the speed of 20 to 25 mbps was being given to the initial owner Jio Sim. But now the situation has reduced to 3.5mbps, due to this, many users are troubled due to low speed.

The speed of the space is decreasing due to the spread of traffic on the Jio server. But if you are also getting low speed in Jio, you can see your mobile setting changing.

Because mobile network settings also have a significant impact on network speed. You are going to tell you some settings that help you increase the speed of your Jio.

How to increase the speed of Jio: –

First of all, you go to Mobile Settings, click on your mobile network option. After that, you will see GSM, WCDMA and LTE options on the meter mode. You are in a place where the network is getting, you have to select LTE on the network to increase the speed of speed. The slip can catch your mobile 4G network well If you are moving out of the city, then turn on the network mode. So if the 4G network is not found, then 2G, 3G networks will be available.

The second setting is that you have to go to APN i.e. Access Point Names. Wherever on the first setting you will see the APM protocol in which, IPV4 / IPV6 will appear and select LTE from Bearer below it. Save both of these settings. After this, restart your mobile.

Now you know how to increase the speed of Jio. If you are also upset with the speed of Jio, then using this trick can increase your Jio Network speed.

This trick will increase the speed of Jio. But if you have a network of Jio in your area, then its speed is very difficult to increase.


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