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how to get free internet on jio without recharge JioFi

Connect your pc with jio data through jiofi using jio apn settings connection. Download PdProxy vpn software in your pc. Now extract pdproxy files and install this software in pc.

Create new account in Droidvpn site and verify your email address. Note down your login details and open pdproxy folder. Here you will get all pdproxy files, Then run Pd-launcher app as administrator.

Paste your login details here and open settings by tap on gear icon. It will take you to pdproxy settings page. Here tap on Click here to show advanced settings.

Here click on the proto options to open port settings. Paste below port settings in udp port and local port.

  • UDP Port : 9200
  • Bind Local Port : 8081

Now click on save & go back button.

You can now start free internet browsing and downloading with any demo server. Choose the protocol as UDP and use demo server 2 to connect pdproxy first time.


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