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How can I join WhatsApp beta tester?

How to become a beta user of WhatsApp

Join the WhatsApp Messenger beta

Do you know that you can use the new features of WhatsApp for the first time even without the stable update available for all the users…

Many times we hear about WhatsApp that a new feature update has come, but when we check ourselves, we do not get that game. This is because the first features come for beta testing, after which they are offered for stable version. In such a case, we get information that the new feature is still in testing phase and this update has not been made available to all users.

For example, in WhatsApp earlier, only 4 people could be added to group calling, whereas now on WhatsApp, now 8 people in the group can talk together. This new update has been rolled out for iOS, but it is for Android beta (v 2.20.133). So this is only for the beta user of Android.

But do you know that you can use the new features of WhatsApp first without having stable updates available for all users …

>> For this, you have to download the beta version. If you want to download the WhatsApp beta version, you can sign up and download it from your internet browser. For online registration, you can become a tester by visiting. After few hours of registration you will get the download link.

>> Apart from this, you can also download WhatsApp beta version from your Android phone. For this, you go to the Google Play Store, search WhatsApp and go to the Become a Beta Tester section and tap the Im In button and click Join. After doing this, your Whatsapp will be updated to the beta version.

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