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Get 30GB Free Internet Data

Hello friends, As you all know, Idea has started its VoLTE service in 15 cities of India. Initially Idea launched this service in nine cities of India. Now this service has been launched in the cities of Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Bengal and Karnataka. Idea VoLTE will soon be available in India.

Idea’s VoLTE service will offer you HD calling facility. Along with this, you will also be able to access the Internet service during the call. Idea VoLTE also gives you fast call connectivity.

This service is currently in selected smartphones. Idea supports VoLTE Honor 6X, Honor 7X, Honor 8 Pro, and Vivo V7 Pro smartphones of Vivo. Soon this service will be available in Xiaomi Redmi, OnePlus and Nokia’s smartphone.

If you are an Idea user and your smartphone supports Idea VoLTE, then you can take advantage of the Idea VoLTE facility. For this you need to type in your message box and type “ACT VOLTE” and send it to 12345.

Along with this, Idea has also offered 30GB of free internet data with its VoLTE service. 10GB internet data will be available when you call with the first VoLTE service. The next 10GB data will be available after you give feedback to VoLTE service after 4 weeks, and the last 10GB will be available after giving you the final feedback after 8 weeks.

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