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Get 1.7 GB Free 3G/4G Internet Data


Vodafone Giving Free 1.7 GB 3G/4G Data to all its customer absolutely free in HUNT THE HEART Vodafone offer.This free data offer is for vodafone users So do’t miss to enjoy this free data offer .

  1. First Of Install MyVodafone App :-  Download APP From Here]
  2. Now Open the App and Come welcome Screen.
  3. Here You See MyVodafone app Click to Open Button.
  4. Now You see HUNT THE HEARTBanner in App click to it To see offer details.
  5. Now start Hunting the hearts in myVodafone app different sections
  6. As you Hunt all 1-8 Hearts You will Get 100 to 1.7 GB free 4G/3G data In your main account.
  7. Bingo !I hope you hunted all hearts It’s time to enjoy your Free data.

Clues where You Get all 8 Hearts in MyVodafone app :-

  • Gift 1 – Go to Menu – Amazing Offers
  • Gift 2 – Go To Menu – Roaming – Within India
  • Gift 3 – Go to Internet Option/Shop – Search
  • Gift 4 – Go To shop > internet
  • Gift 5 – Go To Data Balance
  • Gift 6 – Go To Switch to 4g
  • Gift 7 – Tap on your Remaining balance and you will get your Another Heart
  • Gift 8 – Goto Balance transfer option and fill any vodafone number with minimum balance Rs 5 and click on GO you will find your 5th envelope without transferring any money.
  • Gift 9 – Click on your Name at the top and go to Add account option you will get your last envelope here

Enjoy, you will get your 1.7GB Data within 72 hours or Instant .Note that Hearts are changing every day So if you do’t find Hearts in above clues search in app options To hunt the hearts.


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