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Free Internet On Jio Sim Without Any Recharge | Jio Free Unlimited Internet Trick | Jio Free Data |

Jio Free Internet 

Hello friends, I hope you guys will be very good, before telling the trick, let me tell you this trick is working in All Over India. If there is any problem or trouble related to this, you can ask us in the comment, so let me tell you Let me tell you the topic of the topic that today we have the tricks of free internet that will work on the jio sim and using this trick any live user Awareness is to use the tricks will be able to hold your Jio SIM 4G speeds and can use the Internet also do not recharge your SIM you in any way is if the tricks Let’s Start.

Requirement Things To Use Jio Free Internet Without Any  Recharge  

Requirement 1 :- First of all you have to have 1 Jio SIM.

Requirement 2 :-  You must also have 1 4G smartphone.

Requirement 3 :- Little patience 🙂

Step To Get Jio Free Unlimited Internet

Step 1 :- First you have to open the settings of your Android mobile.

Step 2 :- After the mobile settings are open, you will have 1 option in the SIM card & mobile networks open it.

Step 3 :- Then you will have the option to select a SIM card, then you have to select your Jio SIM and open it.

Step 4 :- After opening the settings of the SIM card, you have to open the Access Point Name by clicking on it.

Step 5 :- After opening the Access Point Name, you will have 1 option on the lower side of the new Access Point Name, then you can click on it and create 1 new Access Point Name.

Step 6 :- Then you will have an option to edit Access Point Name and you have to edit it completely Access Point Name.

Like This :-

Name  :-

APN :- Jioindia

Proxy :- Not set

Port :- 80

Username :- Jio

Password :- Not set

Server :-

MMSC :- Not set

MMS Port :- Not Set

MCC :- 405

MNC :- 872

Authentication Type :- None

APN Type :- Default

APN Protoclo :- IPv6

APN roaming Protocol :-IPv6

APN enable/disable :- Enable

Bearer :- LTE

MVNO Type :- None

MVNO value :- Not set

APN PPP Phone Number :- Not Set

Step 7 :- After doing all this settings, you can save it by clicking on the buttons below here.

Now you just have to open your internet data and use the free internet.

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