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Flipkart Buy Offer – YouTube premium will be free for 6 months

Flipkart offering Free Youtube Premium for 6 months

Buy smartphone and smart tv from Flipkart, YouTube premium will be free for 6 months

If you want to shop with Flipkart, then this time is best for you. Let us know that a special offer is going on Flipkart at this time. Buying a smartphone or smart TV from Flipkart at the time of lockdown will be a tremendous advantage. Yes, this is a better chance to buy a product from the popular shopping site Flipkart. On buying any smartphone or smart TV from Flipkart, these days a very special service is being offered to the users for free for six months.

Free 6 Month YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium subscription free for 6 months

In fact, under the special offer given by Flipkart, users who buy smartphones or smart TVs are being offered free subscription of YouTube Premium for 6 months. It is known that on Flipkart, this offer is being given to the users for limited time only, in such a way, you will get free subscription only on instant order. This offer started from 15 May yesterday. Today is the second day of this offer. This offer will run till tomorrow i.e. 18 May 2020. So if you have to buy a new smartphone or smart TV, then you can get significant benefits for the next two days. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone or smart TV for a long time then it would be better to order today or tomorrow.

Flipkart- Get Free 6 Month Youtube Premium Subscriptio

YouTube Premium Subscription Pack

For information, let us know that currently users have to spend 129 rupees every month to subscribe to YouTube premium in India. In this subscription, users not only get ad free content, but they can also access YouTube original content. At the same time, the second subscription pack is Rs 189 per month, in which a family subscription is available and after recharging from the same pack, 6 family users can access YouTube Premium Services.

Let us know that users will be able to access YouTube premium free for the next six months on whatever smartphone or smart TV they buy. After accessing YouTube Premium, users can not only download the platform’s songs to the device, but can also minimize the YouTube tab and the songs or audio plays in the background. Non-premium users are shown ads on the YouTube app and do not get the option of background play, which means that the audio also stops as the app is minimized.

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