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FACEBOOK Will Give Free internet

Facebook launches free internet app

Facebook Discover App Provides ‘Free’ Internet to Developing

  • Facebook is testing a new app that is for developing countries. Through this app named Discover, the company will provide free browsing data. For this, Facebook will partner with local telecom companies.
  • Significantly, Facebook has started the first trial of Discover app in Peru. However, later the company will expand its scope and can start it in future in countries like Thailand, Iraq and Philippines.
  • Under this app, users will get free data every day from the mobile company and its information will be given to them through notifications. Free Basics, which was banned in India, does not discriminate in the Discover App website like that.
  • It is worth noting that the free data of Facebook will be slow, so slow that users can load only the text of any website, videos will not play.
  • If you remember, Facebook announced free basics a few years ago. Under this, Facebook had said to give internet to open some websites without paying any money. That is, some selected news and other content including Facebook and Messenger could be accessed under free basics.
  • In many countries, it was banned by saying that it is against net neutrality and in India too, there was a lot of opposition in 2016 and it was banned. However, this is not the case with Discover and it does not determinate¬† a website.
  • Facebook has also claimed that you do not even need a Facebook account to use the Discover app. As far as privacy is concerned, the company has said about it that the company will not collect users’ browsing history.
  • According to Facebook, the activity of Discover users for Facebook advertising will also not be stored. What is the plan for the company Discover in India, at the moment nothing has been said from the company.

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