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Daily 2GB Free Internet Data In Airtel Sim Card With Proof Added

How To Get Airtel Free 2gb Internet Data

So how do you expect everything. You will be all right. First of all, again very welcome on your website today. So friends will tell you how to use Daily Free 2 GB internet on Airtel’s SIM card. If you want to use more than 2 gb of free internet everyday and this day will tell you this trick. First of all, let’s tell you 1 thing in the friends. Very few free internet tricks on our website. If you want, you can also use them which will give you an opportunity to use the free internet inside the All SIM card and that is All Free internet Trick Real And Working 100%. And all over the world work smoothly, like this trick, so today the trick of this Airtel Sim card today is to tell you that you need to know a few things. In the first place, let me tell you the first thing, while using this trick, you have to have 0 balance in your Airtel SIM card and 0 MB internet connection, if you have anything, then it can be cut and this vpn Free internet trick with you and this vpn’s name is Psiphon Pro and with this help we will run free internet inside our Airtel SIM card and will use daily free 2gb data without any recharge We started to trick And in today’s trick I teach you how to Use Airtel Free 2GB 3G,4G Data On Any Airtel Sim. So Lets Get Started.

Step To Use Daily Free 2GB Data Without Any Recharge Using Psiphon Pro VPN App

  • First of all, you need to download Psiphon Pro vpn Apk. in your mobile, which you will find below, you can download direct from it without any problems.
  • Download Link Of Psiphon Pro Apk. :- Click Here To Download 
Airtel New Trick For 90 Gb Free internet with unlimited validity
  • Then you have to install this Psiphon Pro VPN app in your mobile
  • Now you have to turn on the data connection of your Airtel sim card.
  • Then you have to open your Psiphon Pro VPN app.
  • So now you have to make settings in this Psiphon Pro app, so in the same way I have given the following settings so you can do it in your mobile.

Show On Start : Right Click

Front Query : Blank

Middle Query : Blank

Back Query : Blank

Filter : Blank

Add Port To Non-Port URL : Blank

Remove Port : Right Click

Proxy Type : Real Host

Custom Header : X-Online-Host

Proxy Server :

User Name : Blank

Password : Blank

Real Proxy Type : Default 

Real Proxy Server : Blank

Real Proxy Port : 80 

Child Lock : Non Right

Child Lock Code : Blank


Unlimited Airtel Free Internet


How to Get Free Internet in Airtel SIM

  • You can then save this setting and click on the Save button for this.


Airtel 2G/3G/4G Free Internet Tricks with Proof

  • Then your Vpn Apk will start connecting With Free internet Server.

How to Free internet 3g in Airtel sim

  • So when your Psiphon VPN app is connected, the color of P will be blue. This means that you can now run the free internet in your Airtel SIM card.


  • And friends, if you use 2 gb Free data internet, you have to change the proxy server by going to settings, which I will put you in the bottom side.

Airtel Free internet Proxy Server

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