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Top Trending Apps 2019

5 Most Downloaded Apps in The World

The Best (and Most Popular) Apple and Google Apps Talking about the data of mobile apps, there are 5 apps in the list of most downloaded apps in the world, which is the most used smartphone. Most people download a lot of app in their phone, but today we are going

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Keep these things in mind before buying a laptop

Tips To Buying Laptop Which is the best laptop Going to buy a laptop? If yes then this particular article is for you. We have provided all the information related to what we should take care of when buying a laptop and what the terms related to it mean. After reading this

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Jio Sim shock: The best plan is now to replace 35 rupees recharge

Best Plan 35 rupees recharge Recharge of Rs 35 per month for incoming incoming calls has become a compulsion for the people. People are getting very angry with telecom companies. Those who use 4G, they are switching to Jio, because Jio is currently making the best plans available to the customers

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Know what Google Fuchsia is and what’s its features?

What Google Fuchsia ? Today we will know what is Google Fuchsia OS and what are its features? Yes Friends Google Fuchsia is an operating system. What is the whole news, let's know. Google Fuchsia (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Fuchsia is an operating system that is being developed by Google. Fuchsia is based on

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Must-Have Apps For Parents That Let You Monitor Your Teen's

Monitor children with the help of these apps

Phone apps that parents will want to monitor on their kids' phones It is becoming difficult to keep children away from the smartphone in the days of hightech. Nowadays kids learn to speak and smartphones are first to run. Many researches have found that digital understanding of children of today is

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19 Google Tricks You MUST Try!

Funny tricks and secrets of Google you may not know

Hidden Google Secrets You Didn't Know Existed When we have to search something then we search directly on Google. But do you know there are some Google tricks and secrets in Google that can extract a lot after typing. The Google we search with has some games that we can easily

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How to watch country restricted youtube videos [HD]

How to view restricted Youtube videos in your country?

How to View a YouTube Video Blocked in Your Country If you do not have any YouTube videos available in your country, you can still see them. Let's tell you today how you can see these videos. However, you can tell here that here we are not discussing internet censorship, in

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BEST Streaming Apps They NEVER Show You

Top 5 mobile apps to watch new movies

With 3 types of Bollywood, Hollywood and South films in India, along with these three in UP & Bihar Bhojpuri movies are also seen online on mobile. Most viewers use the YouTube Mobile Application. But not all the latest movies are seen here and many of them do not even

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Indian Railways Unreserved Ticket Booking

Train General Ticket Book From Mobile App

Book Train General Tickets In Mobile There is no need to take a line on the window to take the general ticket ticket. You can also book the ticket from your mobile. Railway has prepared to run awareness campaign for mobile UTS App. The railway station is preparing to be faxed in

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Win 1 LAKH Rupees From Tik Tok Offer Win 1 LAKH Rupees

TikTok users will have to work to win 1 lakh every day

TikTok users can win Rs 1 lakh cash prize After the Tik Tok ban was introduced in India, it was felt that people would now reduce its use, but after a few days Tik Tok was also made out. After the Tik Tok ban was introduced in India, it was felt that

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