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15 Easy Ways To Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

Battery Safety Tips And Tricks: These Mistakes Waste Your Smartphone Battery

Battery mistakes every smartphone user should avoid Smartphone usage has increased a lot during lockdown, due to which people have faced problems related to the battery of the smartphone. Also, many people have complained that their phone gets hot during charging and the battery runs out quickly. So today we will

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How to cast photos and videos from phone to TV

Watch phone photos and videos on your TV

View Smartphone Photos on Your TV Be it movies or videos (Photo-Video), all these things look better on the big screen. So just think that if your phone's photos and videos can also be seen on the TV screen, then how good it is. If you too are looking for a

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Android 11 Developer Preview | Android Developers

Beta version of Android 11 will be launched on June 3, know the special features

Android 11 release date, features, beta program The annual Google Developers event has been canceled this year due to the transition, but Google has decided to hold the event on June 3 for Android 11, the new version of Android. In this event of Google, beta version of Android 11 will

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How to delete temp files in Android

Delete This Folder, Phone Speed Increase Automatically

Speed up your Phone with these Tips It is common for the smartphone to be slow (slow phone), and the reason for this is mostly that the memory is full. By using the phone, we save so many things that we do not know when the phone is full of waste

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hide folders in android

Best File and Folder Locker Tools

Quick & Easy Ways to Hide a Folder You keep many such folders and files in your PC, laptop and smartphone, which you do not want anyone to access, because it can also contain your sensitive data. If you want to hide folders and files, you can take help of software.

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25 Amazing Facts About Android

Know This 15 Unknown Facts About Android

Interesting Facts About Android  Android is an operating system for mobile devices, developed by Google. Let's take a look at 15 unknown facts about Android. Android OS was initially developed by Android Inc., supported by Google in 2004. Later, Google bought it in 2005 for at least $ 50 million. Android Inc. Was founded in

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Xiaomi MIUI 12: Global launch date and eligibility list

The five most unique features of MIUI 12 will make Xiaomi phones a super smartphone

MIUI 12: Top 5 Features Do you know about MIUI 12 ...? If you don't know, we tell you. This is the latest version of Xiaomi's Android user interface. Xiaomi has launched this MIUI 12 globally on May 19. After introducing this latest interface version, the Xiaomi company said that this new

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Top 5 Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android

5 Best Apps To Hide Photos And Videos on Android

Hide Private Photos & Videos Do you know which photo video locker app or photo video hide apps are you going to talk about on this topic in this post? Nowadays everyone uses Android Mobiles but very few people know about doing photo and video hide app in Android mobile, due to

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Why is My Phone So Slow

5 Ways to Speed up your Android Smartphone

Speed up a slow Android device Hello friends, welcome to your Mjtricks blog with fresh article, in this post today, we will know how to increase android mobile speed or Android mobile speed which will make android mobile speed double fast, Android Mobile Hang Being and intermittently hot is a common

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Best Android Antivirus Apps

The best Free Android antivirus App in 2020

Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android  Nowadays 80 to 90% of people use Android phones. And also, since all the mobile companies of India have made internet packs cheap, and are providing more and more internet at low prices. That's why all Android phone users use the Internet in their mobiles,

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