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ATM Didn't Dispense Cash? Account Debited?

You can withdraw cash without touching ATM

Cardless Cash Withdrawal Soon you will be able to withdraw cash from the machine without touching the ATM. AGS Transact Technology, a provider of automation technology, says it has successfully developed and tested a touchless ATM solution in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic. Presently, in interested banks, they are giving

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Best Laptops under 30000 in India 2020

Great laptops from India at less than Rs 30,000

Best Laptop under Rs 30,000 in India Nowadays people use laptops instead of desktops for their convenience. Because these devices can be taken anywhere. Along with this, they can be easily charged due to running from the battery. If you are also thinking of buying a new laptop, then we have

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Earn Money Online

Online Earning Tips: Earn online money sitting at home through these websites during lockdown

Online Earning Tips Online Earning Tips, online earning money website Internet has become a big and important part of our life. However, its benefits will be only when education or ways of earning money can also be extracted from it. You must have seen that due to corona and lockdown many

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Beware of fake microSD cards! Here's how to tell a counterfeit

How to identify if the memory card is real or fake

Check memory card is real or fake Nowadays, all the smartphone manufacturer companies provide up to 256 GB of storage in their devices, but despite this, many users find this storage less. For this, they resort to memory or SD card. But many times it happens that users accidentally buy fake

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8 tips to nailing a video job interview in the age of coronavirus

Keep these things in mind for giving video interviews

Video Interview Guide: Tips for a Successful Interview Due to the lockdown, it is difficult to go to any job interview. All the companies are taking out new recruits to take work from home and are taking interviews through video. Understand that the trend will continue even after the lockdown. Preparing

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Split AC vs Window AC- Which One should you Purchase?

Window AC vs Split AC: Know which AC to buy for home

Window AC vs Split AC When buying AC in summer, people often get upset thinking that take Split or Window AC or Split AC for the house. Apart from this, we also take care of which AC will reduce the electricity bill. Many such questions keep coming to the mind of

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20 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Search Hare Freelance and Part Time jobs

Search Freelancer Part Time Jobs Due to coronavirus (coronavirus), people are getting pain from their hands. In such a situation, the salary of many people is also being cut. If you are talented, in such a situation you can also increase your income through freelance or part time jobs. Let's know

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list of the most common passwords

ALERT: Here’s the 32 Worst Passwords, Change it immediately

The World's Worst Passwords List Today (7 May) is World Password Day. The purpose of World Password Day is to emphasize the basic requirement of strong / strong passwords. These days, from banking to shopping, even bill payment, we are doing everything through online. In such a situation, the password is

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How The MyShield App Helps Maintain Social Distancing Maintenance

Social distancing app uses space to save lives In order to track Corona virus, the Central Government has made it mandatory for all smartphone users to install Aarogya Setu app in their smartphone. Apart from this app, many more social distancing or physical distancing apps are available, through which you can

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