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How to become a beta user of WhatsApp

How can I join WhatsApp beta tester?

Join the WhatsApp Messenger beta Do you know that you can use the new features of WhatsApp for the first time even without the stable update available for all the users… Many times we hear about WhatsApp that a new feature update has come, but when we check ourselves, we do not

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How to cast photos and videos from phone to TV

Watch phone photos and videos on your TV

View Smartphone Photos on Your TV Be it movies or videos (Photo-Video), all these things look better on the big screen. So just think that if your phone's photos and videos can also be seen on the TV screen, then how good it is. If you too are looking for a

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How to see someone's WhatsApp status picture without

WhatsApp trick: Check WhatsApp status without anyone knowing

View someone's WhatsApp Status without them knowing WhatsApp constantly adds new features to its platform to keep it attractive to its users. One such feature came two years ago when this instant messaging platform introduced 'Status'. In a blog post at the time, John Koum stated that he and Brian Acton

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App that removes Chinese applications becomes instant hit on

This App will Uninstall Chinese Application in One Click

App that removes Chinese applications During the tension on the India-China border, the number of people uninstalling Chinese apps has also started increasing these days. Recently there was a lot of debate between YouTube vs Tiktok Content Creator. This debate also suffered a lot due to the Chinese app Tiktok. Meanwhile,

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Switching to Meet from Zoom

Zoom, Google Meet tips: How to record video calls

How to record video meetings on Zoom, Google Meet If you want to record the details of your calls on Zoom and Google Meet during this corona crisis for the future, and want to know how the last one you can record these calls. So today we are going to tell

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list of the most common passwords

ALERT: Here’s the 32 Worst Passwords, Change it immediately

The World's Worst Passwords List Today (7 May) is World Password Day. The purpose of World Password Day is to emphasize the basic requirement of strong / strong passwords. These days, from banking to shopping, even bill payment, we are doing everything through online. In such a situation, the password is

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hide folders in android

Best File and Folder Locker Tools

Quick & Easy Ways to Hide a Folder You keep many such folders and files in your PC, laptop and smartphone, which you do not want anyone to access, because it can also contain your sensitive data. If you want to hide folders and files, you can take help of software.

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WhatsApp Online Tracker Shows You When Anyone Goes

Know Who is Online without Opening WhatsApp

See who is online without opening WhatsApp Many times a situation also arises when we want to check someone online but do not want to appear online themselves. In such a situation, one of our tricks can prove to be of great use for you. WhatsApp has become the first choice of

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WiFi Analysis Guide - 20 Best FREE & Paid WiFi Analyzers

Wi-Fi Inspector App will catch Internet data thieves

WiFi Thief Detector - Detect Who Use My WiFi If you use WiFi or mobile hotspots and you feel that someone else is breaking into your internet data, then mobile apps can become your watchman. Let's know about such special apps ... Wi-Fi Inspector App This app with a rating of 4.3 is

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