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careful ! Did you not download these WhatsApp from the Golden Color anywhere?

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Stay away from ‘WhatsApp Gold’ – It’s a fake app

Despite many warnings from experts and the media, it is bluffing on social media to download WhatsApp Money. While many users are receiving messages to install or activate Whatsapp Gold or Silver Edition. Although this is a big fraud that first appeared in 2016. It was earlier told that this is the only version of greenhouses available in white.

While the truth is that there is no Gold or Silver version of whatsapp. Experts say that downloading this version may cause your mobile malware. According to the fact-checking portal snopes, when users click on the link, they are potentially downloading a malicious software called WhatsApp Space Gold.

Such hoax is being given

The message about whatsapp gold has been written, “Finally, the Secret What Speed ​​Golden Edition has been leaked, this version is used only by big celebrities, we can now also use it.What’s like in WhatsApp Space video calling There are many advanced features, in which messages you send by mistake can also be deleted. It is being reported that more than 100 pics can be sent to this Are spun.

One of the notorious malware associated with hoaxap gold hoax is Martinini, but this is not what is downloaded to your mobile device. The name Martininee was used to scare users about downloading the video. But it is not known how connected to whatsapp. In 2017, the name of the Martiniale was used to create panic among WhatsApp users.

Text messaging warns users that they do not download or open a video called Martinley, which was claimed to download viruses on mobile. But no such video exists. However, when some users opened the link, they were taken to a website that was stricken with malware, which infected their mobile and also accessed messages and personal data.

Whatsapp said on their website, “Unsupported apps like Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp are a modified version of whatsapp, these informal applications have been developed by third parties and violate our terms of service.What’s In Support of Third-Party After a notification a few months ago, Whatsapp has said on the accounts using modified versions of their Messenger app. Thayi as the ban was imposed. To continue using WhatsApp, to users of the revised version of the official version of WhatsApp and need to use.

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